BCHI tries to provide training whenever possible. This is accomplished using multiple approaches. The easiest is to make available videos. “Train the Trainer” is another technique where the organization sends someone to be trained and they in-turn train our members . Having the USFS as a resource is also a great training tool. We get some agencies to do presentations when appropriate. Documents and Manuals are also listed within this site and are a great tool. At the conventions, sometimes political speakers are invited to talk about current issues and problems relating to the BCH members.

In addition to BCHI training, local chapters also coordinate training from such sources as local veterinarians, feed store representatives on feed and equipment, inhouse experts in packing techniques, and farriers.

See the tabs under training for specific videos and documents available.

Another important subject on training is keeping up with what’s going on in the local, state and national levels of government. BCHI has members that monitor this activity and report to the members what is going on. You will be notified of the issues and requested to send comments to the appropriate office. See the Governmental Links tab above for sites where you can make online comments. Sometimes things move quickly and you will not be given much time to respond, but any effort will be appreciated.

In addition to Governmental Links, we have added a “HOT TOPICS” at the bottom of every page. This will list highlights to what is happening in government and how you can respond. Although you should be notified of upcoming issues, check this offen.

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