Photo Gallery

Multiple galleries exist and each one is treated individually.

The galleries exist for you to upload your favorite pictures to share with the organization. These photos can also be used to create the annual BCHI calendar. More about that below.

We have set some limits on the size of the photos. Maximum width and height are set at 4500×4000. If you try to download something bigger, you will receive an error. Just edit the picture, by trimming some off the sides.

It will also make it easier for us if you rename the photos from default names like “img_023” to something more meaningful.

State Calendar – Created Annually

Back Country Horsemen of Idaho funds the state organization by collecting money raised thru chapter dues and the sale of a very nice calendar. This calendar is filled with photos submitted to the state by you, the chapter member. Please participate and submit as many as you like. The photos in our gallery are not submitted to the state by BBCH, you will have to do that directly.

Please follow the submission rules below.

NEW DUE DATE FOR PHOTOS—NOVEMBER 30th for calendar 2 yrs out.

You never know when you will be able to take a nice picture, so always carry a camera!

Calendar Photo criteria –

  • Must be of BCHI members, taken by a BCHI member or taken for BCHI (such as a newspaper).
  • Can be taken in any state, but the cover photo will be selected from Idaho submissions.
  • Must have a horse/mule in the shot.
  • Or be a work project with members wearing safety gear: (hard hat, safety glasses/goggles, ear protection, gloves, chainsaw chaps).
  • Heads and faces preferred over tails and backs.
  • Kids photos are welcome:
  • If using saws they must have required safety gear on.
  • Do not resubmit photos that have been submitted in previous years.
  • Photos are placed by seasons – winter, spring, summer and fall.
  • Winter photos: can have non-equine shots that show the effects of cold and snow.
  • Please submit as many photos as you wish. We also offer an option to submit on CD, DVD or USB drive. NO PRINTS. USB drives will be mailed back to you . If you want your CD/DVD back please let us know.
  • Photos need to be in JPEG Format. Set your digital cameras to the highest size settings possible.
  • If you only have a few photos or no way to burn them to CD or a USB drive, you can e‐mail them directly.
  • USB drives will be returned after calendar is printed.

If you mail your photos, please include the  Calendar Info Submission Form.pdf

For direct calendar submissions by mail use:
Debbie Samovar,
9176 E Soaring Hawk Ln,
Saint Maries,
ID 83861