Leave No Trace

USFS video on Leave No Trace

LNT Training Expectations

LNT An Introduction to Leave No Trace Narrative

Introduction – Leave No Trace Awareness Workshop
• Principle 1 – Plan Ahead
• Principle 2 – Durable Surfaces
• Principle 3 – Handling Waste
• Principle 4 – Leave What You Find
• Principle 5 – Campfires
• Principle 6 – Respect Wildlife
• Principle 7 – Consideration for Others
• Leave No Trace One-page Handout

Leave No Trace Overview (5 classes) – Adopted by BCHA 2002
• Introduction to Leave No Trace
• Basic LNT Skills
• Practical Application of LNT Skills
• Train the Trainer
• Practical application of LNT skills for Trainers

Leave No Trace For Stock Users was produced by the USDA and the US Forest Service National Technology & Development Program in cooperation with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.

Horse Sense–A Guide To Minimum Impact Horse CampingHow-to video series for Horse Camping. Series of 7 10-minute clips produced by the Back Country Horsemen of Idaho North Central Chapter, The University of Idaho Natural Resources Lab and the NezPerce National Forest, Moose Creek Ranger District.

Part 1 – Trip Preparation – Stock Conditioning and Grooming
Part 2 – Trip Preparation – Horse Feed, Equipment and Tack
Part 3 – Trip Preparation – Food, Kitchen Items and Containment Systems
Part 4 – The Trip – Know the Area, Equipment List and Stock Hauling
Part 5 – The Trip – At the Trailhead, Packing the Cargo and Trail Conditions
Part 6 – The Camp Area – How to Reduce Impact with Stock Containment, Equipment and Camp
Part 7 – The Camp Area and Home – Minimum Impact Camping, day Trips, Breaking Camp and What to Do at Home

Additional Information

Backcountry Ambassador Certification Training- Adopted by BCHI 2000
Public Awareness Education Outline